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Vocal Production


Send your vocal tracks or have tracks recorded at my studio. Get back professional sounding multi-tracks or stems in high quality format, ready to drop into your project.

File Options

Get a Stereo Mix, or Group Stems (Lead, Doubles, Harmonies, Adlibs), or Individual Multi-Tracks of mixed, edited vocals.


Vocals are recorded and edited in 24 Bit, 44.1 Wav format.


Alternate sample rates (48K, 96K) are available - request before I begin your vocals.

FX Options

I'll tune, align, and add FX to your vocals. All FX options can be customized before I begin your session. I.e A popular option for producers is (Record, Edit, Tune, and Align Vocals w/ no FX and FX Options)


Contact me for vocal production & recording quotes.

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