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Music Production


Customizable, original, music - Instrumentals ready for release & placement, built to your references and vision.

File Options

Get a Stereo Mix, Or Group Stems (Drums, Bass, Guitar, Synths), or Individual Multi-Tracks of mixed, instrumental tracks. 


Instrumentals are recorded and edited in 24 Bit, 44.1 Wav format.

Alternate sample rates (48K, 96K) are available - request before I begin your music.

FX Options

I'll mix the instrumental so it sounds professional, and release ready. I also can create retro, analog instrumentals using my studio's outboard synths, drum machines, and gear). All FX options can be customized before I begin your session. I.e A popular option for artists is (Mixed stems of instrumental without any mastering FX for vocal recording).


Contact me for music production quotes.

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