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Industry Guidance


Industry Guidance - Mentorships


Music business, royalty & registration questions answered in personalized 1 on 1 consults & education. Receive mentoring, PDFs, & notes.

"A-Whirl" reached out to me with the goal of registering & releasing his music as an independent artist. We did a series of consults using his single “Nativity” to create & organize meta-data, distribute on Distrokid, and register the song on ASCAP, MLC, and Sound Exchange. A-Whirl now releases and registers music regularly. His registrations & artist profiles are being utilized to ensure he is properly paid and credited on all projects - including an upcoming sync library album where I have featured his guitar!  

Listen to A-Whirl on Spotify!

Mentorship Structure

We'll work together in a web call personalized for you. You'll receive custom "follow up notes" to guide you after our call.  
Recent topics include music production, mixing, mastering, gear & software recommendations, music registrations, contracts, and music business questions. 

Contact me with a summary of your goals, questions, and topics to book a consultation. 

I look forward to helping you reach the next the step of your musical journey!


Contact me for mentorship quotes.


Description: Explore PDF guides & educational videos from Dansmusic!

Music Release & Registration Guide (PDF)

Description: My custom workflow for registering and releasing music - includes a general overview of services I use to distribute, and register music, and a step-by-step road map. 

Dansmusic - Introduction to alternative mixes for video editing (Video)

Description: Introduction to alternative versions of music mixes used for video editing using my background music library "Dansmusic". License background music.

Dansmusic - Introduction to stems (Video)

Description: Intro to “stems” using my "Dansmusic" track "Arcade Speedway". 

Got Questions?
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