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Daniel Chironno produces customizable, original music at his studio “DTronic Sound Inc.”, and quirky, electronic cues as “Dansmusic”. Dan's positive, upbeat energy & humor creates a fun, motivating atmosphere to inspire himself and collaborators to create genre bending tracks with unique sonic identity.


Drawing inspiration from late 90s/Y2K electro pop, and retro video game soundtracks, he blends nostalgic recordings of keyboards & drum machines with modern digital sequencers and instruments. Dan is committed to breaking boundaries in electronic music production while channeling familiar, emotional connections that resonate with artists and listeners.

Recent credits include production music album “YIPPEE EDM” on "Score Production Music" licensed in reality TV shows (“Kelly Clarkson", “E!” Grammy & Oscars Live Specials, NBC's NYE Special "A Toast To 2022”), and composing “Stadium Warm Up” for studio client "Brandon Hernandez/Maxim Records” live performance at “2022 US Open, Arthur Ashe Kids Day Center Stage”. He’s excited to release his latest video game inspired album, “Arcade Awesome” with "MediaTracks", and looks forward to supplying media clients with high quality productions.

The Story: 

Dan discovered his passion for recording music during the birth of compact, digital media players. Watching MTV, and listening to MP3s of his favorite nu-metal band “Linkin Park”, and popular rap “Eminem”, “50 Cent”, he was fascinated by footage of recording studios. He would watch behind the scenes clips of producers creating beats using drum machines, synthesizers, and mixing consoles.


Dan began his musical training on Alto Saxophone with his father while experimenting with music production software, recording himself & local artists. He later applied to SUNY Purchase’s Studio Production college program, and was selected out of hundreds of applicants.


Dan was first introduced to licensing after his original track, “Never Let You Go” was selected for a SUNY Purchase Advertisement which aired during a New York City Football Club Game at Yankee Stadium. Dan & his college roommate Rory Mazur, produced the song in their dorm,  it later would be played for thousands of sports fans!


After graduating college in 2015, Dan earned a bachelor's degree in studio production, prompting him to create his studio “DTronic Sound Inc.”. Dan's produced hundreds of tracks & artists in multiple genres, and performed with his clients at live events, and freelanced at local recording studios such as "The Loft" in Bronxville, NY. He would later reunite for another magical co-write with his college roommate Rory, and vocalist Heather Sommer. The trio penned vocals for “Antidote” by DJ Duo "Sinner’s Heist", released on “Hinky Records”, and would generate over 3 million Spotify streams.


In 2017, Dan later found an interest in music administration, and took a job clearing music rights. Discovering music libraries, and sync agents, he recognized the ever-expanding need for high quality, “one-stop tracks” which could easily be licensed for media, resulting in his original compositions as “Dansmusic”. He observed that his favorite electronic styles, featured in science fiction movies & video games, could be revisited with a modern feel, inspiring him to fuse the electro, pop styles of the 90s & Y2K into easy to license background music.

In 2020, Dan began to study production music in online course from producer "Bruce Beats", creating a promising demo of uptempo EDM. He later connected with UK music library "Score Production Music", and developed the demo into a custom, sync album "YIPPEE EDM". During the creation of the album, Dan was encouraged to embrace the quirkiness of his personality and composing unlocking his production sync super style "Quirky, Electronic". In 2022, the album was released and soon after received several TV placements (Kelly Clarkson, E! Grammys and Oscars Live Specials). The same summer, Dan's long time client Maxim Records commissioned him to create custom 80s walk-on music for Brandon Hernandez's center stage performance at US Open, Arthur Ashe Kids Day. Dan later released the song "Stadium Warm Up" for licensing and download as "Dansmusic". 


During Yippee EDM's development Dan was exposed to analog recording & mixing techniques working in NYC with mix & mastering engineer Joshua Pleeter at Dimension 70. He began incorporating these influences into library cues using analog synths , drum machines, and 8bit GTR pedals resulting in his second studio album "Arcade Awesome", a love letter to vintage games for UK sync company, Media Tracks.


Dan continued his composing education in 2022, studying with Sync composer, Avery Berman. Dan continues to provide high quality, remote services from his hybrid studio, creating release, ready music for clients. To work with Dan for your next project, use the link below!



Music Bachelor's, Studio Production
Purchase College, SUNY

Music Bachelor’s degree in Studio Production. One of a select number of students from hundreds of applicants accepted into the Studio Production program.

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