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Easy License, Background Music

What is Dansmusic? 

Easy to license, original background music. License a track, drag & drop it into your project for ONE EASY PRICE, WOW THAT'S NICE! 

Suitable for TV, Films, Video Games, Podcasts, Social Media, Advertising, and more! 

Need a license customized for your project - fill out the below form!

First time licensing? Email us with music choices and project details, we'll guide you to the tunes! 

Still got questions - visit our FAQ! Download our playlists below! 


Quirky Holidays  - Holiday Tracks 🎄🎵 / Wow That's Winter! - Winter Tracks 🥶 ❄️ / Halloween 1997 - Spooky Tracks 🎃👻

Custom Licensing Form

Thanks for completing the License form - back to you ASAP!

  • What license will I get from Dansmusic? Is the license Royalty Free?
    License: License a song from my catalog and you'll receive a PDF synchronization & master license. You can request a customized license via the licensing webform OR you (the licensee) can send me your license agreement for review. Drag and drop the licensed track into your project, it's that easy! Royalties: Dansmusic is registered, and is not a royalty free catalog (We use Distrokid for music distribution, ASCAP for public performance royalties , MLC & Harry Fox for US mechanical royalties, and Sound Exchange for Master performance royalties). I DO NOT register my music with Youtube Content ID or related services that watermark music for copyright strikes. Performance Rights: In absence of a performance license, Direct Performance is granted to you the licensee. If you are using platform(s) with existing performance rights agreement(s), we ask that you, "the licensee" submit a cue sheet to our performing rights organization, ASCAP.
  • Do you own 100% of the music rights? Do I need to clear any co-publishers, co-masters?
    You'll receive an 100% Publishing and 100% Master license by purchasing a license. The catalog is wholly owned, and I (Daniel Chironno) am the sole composer, except where there are featured artists, and/or cowriters. In this instance, any upfront fees are paid one-stop by me to each party for their pro-rata portions, and any royalties will be automatically paid according to each parties respective income shares by any respective royalty societies where Dansmusic is registered. I also compose music published by other production music libraries, should you be interested in licensing these songs, please contact me with your music choices, and I will direct you to the appropriate licensing agent(s).
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