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Resources - Explore custom PDF guides & music videos created by DTronic Sound! 

DTronic Sound - Music Release & Registration Guide (PDF)

Description: DTronic Sound's custom workflow for registering and releasing music - includes a general overview of services I use to distribute, and register my music, and a step-by-step road map. 

Dansmusic - Introduction to alternative mixes for video editing (Video)

Description: DTronic Sound introduces you to alternative versions of music mixes used for video editing using our production music library "Dansmusic". 

Dansmusic - Introduction to stems (Video)

Description: DTronic Sound introduces you to “stems” using our production music library "Dansmusic". 

If you have additional questions - book a consultation!

Book A Custom Consultation! 

Description: Personalized 1 hour video conference. Ask DTronic Sound your music questions!

I'll help answer your questions, and develop custom
 "follow up notes" to guide you after our call. 

Topics include but not limited to music production questions, mixing questions, music gear & software recommendations, music registration questions, music release questions, and music business questions. 

Contact me with a summary of your goals, questions, and topics below to book a consultation. 

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you!


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